Splynx Changelog, version 2.1

Description of versioning : 2.1.1445
2 – main release
1 – stable version release
1445 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt update && apt dist-upgrade

Version 2.1 was launched 18.06.2018

In total we had 174 issues/tasks that were open in 2.1 development. It was closed and covered by 1445 commits.

New features in version 2.1
Billing: Monthly prepaid engine – completely new billing engine introduced
Billing: Prepaid engines – notification waves added to both prepaid engines
Billing: Added two types of static invoices to prevent confusion – add invoice and add invoice for recurring service
Tariff plans: Bundles – ability to create bundle, where internet,voice and custom plans will be added.
Tariff plans: Bundles services – bundles added as a regular service with sub-services
Tariff plans: Bundles – activation/deactivation/early fee, contract minimum duration
Tariff plans: Bundles – support for recurring and both prepaid billing engines
Networking: CPE backup added for Mikrotik CPE
Networking: Creation of API queues on Mikrotik when customer has dynamic IP address
Radius: EAP/TTLS radius configuration support
Radius: Radius Proxy Accounting support added for connection splynx with bandwidth management systems such as Allot
Reports: Future charge and history of charges reports
Reports: Financial reports per customer and per tariff plans
Reports: Report of blocking customers, payment report
System: Changes in password management, encryption, backups and data transfer for GDPR compliance
System: SSL/HTTPS activation directly from Splynx
System: Add-ons installation and configuration from Splynx admin section
System: Email integration for ticketing system
System: UX improvements such as hiding calendars under clickable button, hiding unused fields and similar

Major changes in 2.1
Billing: Cancel last charge option
Customers: Prepaid cards Online tab added
Customers: Extension of Internet statistics report
Customers: Logs for Top Up
System: Changed the internal backup tool from Rsync to Burp
System: Support of Proxmox HA cluster setup
System: Rework of file upload using chunked upload
System: Permissions for showing / hiding panels on the Dashboard
System: Add hook events from portal
System: SNMP monitoring port selection
System: Added horizontal scroll to tables for imports
System: Feature of copying template values from one partner to others
System: SMS sending – ability to put JSON to SMS sending field
Voice: Voice loading prefixes improvement

Fixes is 2.1 version
System: Optimising customer search
System: Prepaid cards Export (moved to background)
System: API to charge feature: fix load customer_id from post
System: Generate passwords return not found
System: Add check place for module entry points
System: No error message if wrong date format during import
System: Error when sending mail with deleted proforma
System: ServiceInternet validate network
System: Online sessions not shown in customer portal – fixed
System: Cdr import: datetime columns problem fixed
System: Tickets and Inventory items buttons broken – fixed
System: Showing services in portal
System: Proforma invoice logs
System: Not reflected Additional field on sending message – fixed
System: Admin logout error fixed
System: Fix CDR transactions quantity value, always shown 1 before
System: Sending of FUP notification
System: Remove duplicate errors on invoices that where created from Inventory
System: CDR import empty line in end of file problem
System: Service discount errors fixed
System: Can’t delete tariffs in certain scenarios
System: Date picker widget duplicates fixed
System: MikrotikAPI Simple Queue (128 maximim queues fixed)
System: Error with select in additional network in Firefox
System: Dialogs are not getting closed – fixed
System: Added permission for simple modules
System: Reset traffic and rollover capped when create payment fix
System: Service Pending activation – DHCP API lease was removed and not added when customer changed a plan, fixed

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