Splynx Changelog, version 1.1

Description of versioning : 1.1.618
1 – main release
1 – stable version release
618 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt-get update && apt-get install splynx

The version 1.1 is launched 17.06.2016

New features in 1.1 version
*Customers: Notes added – each customer has notes with history, which will be used as part of CRM in future versions
*Customers: RRD charts showing amount of online users per router/ip usage, availability to charts per plans and other fields
*Customers: IP suggestion on services internet
Finance: Bank statement processing engine, used for accepting different bank statement formats
*Finance: Cash desk module, the special module for processing cash payments
*Finance: Payment receipt template added – new default payment receipt template
*Finance: Finance preview added – ability to preview all transactions/invoices which Splynx will generate automatically
*Finance: Requests introduced, auto invoicing with requests
*Monitoring: email and SMS notifications added
*Search: add search based on address
*System: Full integration of FUP module with Radius and Mikrotik API
*System: Additional fields to customer portal – admin can put additional fields to customer portal
*System: Additional field type IP, introduced new addtional field type “IP”, which is linked with IP address management
*System: File manager – admin can upload different file formats and use these files in the system with templates
*System: FUP features added to API
*Voice: Added support of mixed CDR where sms, data and calls are in one file

Major changes in 1.1 version
*Customers: Documents preview added
*Customers: Show active FUP rule on customers online added
*Customers: added kill button to online users, it breaks ppp session
*Finance: Change VAT to Decimal format – now VAT can be in decimal format, used in Canada and India, where there are 2 types of taxes
*Finance: Activation of services, module of service activation after importing users
*Monitoring: SNMPWalk improvements, snwpwalk works on background, SNMP connection check is added
*Monitoring: SNMPWalk on Dlink slowness issue, now it’s possible to get quickly list of interfaces of switch instead of full snmpwalk
*Radius: Send POD (packet of disconnect) when customer is blocked or disabled
*Radius: FUP integration of COA attribute for blocking and unblocking of customer. So it can be done without sending POD
*System: Deleted Mpdf from core of the system, Mpdf works as extension module now, it improved stability and reduced resource usage dramatically
*System: Email attachment of finance documents to messages
*System: Ubuntu 16.04 support
*Templates: Include inside templates added, availability to share values between templates

Hotfixes in 1.1 version:
*Customers: Show amount of online users per router and per plan
*Customers: Delete filed “Address 2” from the system as not needed
*Customers: Fixes of warning messages in customer portal
*Finance: Export invoices in background – all exports run on background now and do not affect UI
*Finance:Check finance, invoices and transactions for deleted customer – proper check of deleted customer
*Finance: Billing date fix, when it’s not set to 1
*Finance: Invoicing for inactive users – disable invoicing for these group of users
*Hotspot: Get user status information from Mikrotik routers
*System: Set correct owner to nodejs scripts
*Templates: Forms with ” fix, bugfix of not accepting ” sign in templates