Splynx client portal interface

Whitelabel client portal is a must

In the ISP marketplace, the key differentiator is to provide great customer service, which is created with a customized user experience. Client portal automation allows ISPs to not only provide streamlined downstream services, but also reduce labor costs and solve internal operational problems. Splynx billing system provides customized self-service client portals for Wireless ISP (WISP) […]

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How to manage Internet Resellers in Splynx billing system

For those who are considering expanding internet services through the reseller model, Splynx billing platform provides three powerful modes to support this strategy. Splynx software took the stress out of the whole billing process and allows internet service providers to be more productive with reseller partners. Whether you’re a reseller or an ISP, VISP Splynx […]

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How to Use Splynx Billing Payment Reminders and Notifications

  Splynx billing software was designed to make communicating flow with your clients as easy  and uncomplicated as possible. Automations play a key role in keeping the speed, efficiency and accuracy of processes. Splynx auto notifications and reminders ensure that both broadband providers and customers stay informed about their cases’ progress. In Splynx billing system, […]

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Defining User Roles, Permissions and Access

To achieve more granularity and tighten user account security, Splynx billing software supports multiple users that you can add, modify, or delete different settings, permissions, and roles. During creation or editing a user account in Splynx software, you can determine a user role, add specific permissions, and allow or ban access at different levels. Splynx […]

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ISP Inventory management

Inventory management

Splynx brings Internet providers efficient and simple way to manage their inventory and stock. Feature is available from 2.0 release. Inventory dashboard shows amount of items, products, suppliers and invoices in the system. Splynx allows to scan and quickly work with barcodes. Suppliers are companies that sell equipment and issue invoices. Splynx stores and links […]

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