A conjunction of Splynx & MailJet to launch your email marketing campaigns

Splynx is a multidimensional platform where you can send SMS and emails directly from the system.

Our main goal is to help ISPs to grow their client base and make their internet experiences even better —  How can we do it?

We have integrated Splynx with the MailJet platform to assist you in your ISP business promotion.

The add-on requires minimum configuration, the following guide fully describes how to connect Splynx and Mailjet.

Once the add-on is configured, Splynx will automatically synchronize all your customers and leads with MailJet. Further configuration of campaigns, marketing email templates, and triggered mail automation are configured inside MailJet.



Splynx can push data into 3 MailJet contact lists for further targeting and segmentation. One list should be for your existing customers, another for leads, and the third one for the newsletter.

When marketing your services to clients, a good way to get their attention is through a targeted, personalized email campaign. This marketing idea is especially useful if you can segment your subscriber base.

During the configuration, you are free to select what information from the Customer/Lead profile will be pushed to MailJet and further stored in corresponding contact properties.  This option enables you to personalize email templates and set up triggered automated emails based on property update, for instance.


Email marketing is a highly effective tool that should be in your digital marketing strategy. We recommend considering this integration to launch your winning email campaign.