How to manage internet resellers in Splynx

If you want to expand your ISP with a reseller business model, the Splynx billing platform provides three powerful modes to support this strategy. Splynx software took the stress out of the whole billing process and allows internet service providers to be more productive with reseller partnership. Whether you’re a reseller or an ISP, Splynx billing software meets all your needs with cutting-edge technology that can be tailored to fit your business.

Basic Splynx platform provides three reselling modes which you can set up in the “Partners” section:

  • Percentage mode
  • Own invoicing for resellers
  • Aggregate invoice

Percentage mode

By using this mode, the company can choose to operate all reseller’s network activities, meaning the company will invoice, charge and receive payment from the client and then pay the reseller a percentage that the company determines.

Own invoicing for resellers

Suppose the reseller wants to run their billing cycle and send their invoices. In that case, an ISP wholesaler can create a reseller’s account in the Splynx billing system and allow the reseller to charge their customers using their invoices in a reseller mode. Since this model directly separates all reseller activities, the internet wholesaler doesn’t waste time on them. Resellers themselves can manage databases and charge customers with their own PDF-designed invoices. They are able to sell individual tariff plans as well.

Aggregated invoice

Having created one common invoice, Splynx can take care of the wholesale internet reseller who needs to charge many sub-customers. This mode allows to aggregate one invoice for all partner services and receivables and then invoice them collectively at the freely customizable date or billing cycle.

To customize user account in Splynx billing software, follow these guidelines:

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