Smart bandwidth management – FUP module

Many ISPs use a Fair User Policy (FUP). This means if a customer downloads or uploads more than a certain amount of data, his speed is reduced. We’ve moved this idea on to a different level and made it as configurable as it can be. Splynx is also very powerful RADIUS server, please check this out here.

In the Splynx ISP Framework we have smart bandwidth management. You can define customer speed based on the amount of traffic consumed per month, per week, or even per day. You can also set up maximum online time in hours per customer.

Do you want to give your users double speed at night, dounlimited traffic on the weekends, or set up a speed limit for downloaders who exceed the daily download limit? Do it with Splynx right now!

PlansFUP settings are located in Plan under the arrow button

Let’s create an example. We have a 5 Mbps download and upload plan. I’ve decided there will be unlimited traffic for customers on weekends and they will get 7 Mbps on Saturdays and Sundays. The first rules have been created below. The first rule is “Unlimited traffic on weekends”:

Don't count weekends

Increased speed from 5 Mbps to 40% more on Saturdays and Sundays:

7Mb on weekends

Then we can check what rule will be applied on Saturday:

2016-04-01 08.38.44 pm


The next step is to set up a rule for downloaders with transfers of 10GB per day – I will reduce their speed to 2 Mbps after they reach 10 GB in one day.


I’ll set up a total Monthly usage limit of 100 GB; after  this limit is reached, we will give the user 1 Mbps. When the user reaches 110 GB, we will block him and charge additional data.


As you can see in the last picture, we have created a full comprehensive policy for bandwidth management for a 5 Mbps plan. You can use our FUP builder and create your own rules! Speed limitation is done via Radius using CoA attributes on any supporting equipment or via Mikrotik API on RouterOS.

Two-factor authentication in Splynx

Splynx always cares about security. Information has to be stored and processed in a secure way. Passwords inside our database are encrypted, and all codes are encrypted as well. But what will happen if one of your administrators has a poor password and the wrong people gain access to your Splynx system?

To prevent this we‘ve introduced the support of two-factor authentication of administrator login to the Splynx ISP Framework. What does this mean? It means that after entering your username and password you have to enter a temporary code created by a special application in your mobile phone. This app can be either Google Authenticator, Authy or 1Password. This is the most secure login approach in today’s web world.

At the first step, we create a new admin account that is given to one of our network administrators.


Then, when we are in Splynx under the “newadmin” account, we enable 2-factor authentication.


Open your App in your mobile phone (here it’s a Google Authenticator) and scan the QR code


An instance of authentication for Splynx was created in your app, now use it :


Next time if “newadmin” tries to log in to the Splynx system, he will always be asked for one-time code.




Splynx Hotspot prepaid vouchers management

In Splynx core we have a powerful RADIUS server which provides different types of services to the end users. For more information about it, please follow this link. One of our popular services is Hotspot access for hotels, conference halls etc. Soon we will create a module for Splynx that can add PayPal, cards and online registration features. At the moment, you can use Splynx for providing hotspot access to regular customers or generating prepaid vouchers for one time access. Pictures with examples of how to generate customized prepaid vouchers are shown below.


Here you can define the voucher prices, download and upload speed, and max. traffic. Once vouchers are generated you can edit and customize each one, and set up the contact details of customers using the cards.


Each voucher has its own statistics, charge of usage and detailed information:


I recommend that you spend 5 minutes watching our manual to understand what our Hotspot module can bring you and how you can use it .