Splynx Self-Registration

Splynx has self-registration functionality for your clients. It gives an opportunity for them to register themselves and helps you skip the routine process of adding your clients to the system. It can save plenty of your time. We would like to highlight a few main points of this feature:

1. Custom HTML and CSS form

The registration form is fully customizable according to your needs, you can define the right fields, add your logos and pictures

2. Social networks registration

It is possible to use social media networks for user registration. It simplifies registration and authorization processes for your end customer


3. Verification process

Verification of the email address helps to check whether user’s email address is valid and excludes the possibility of typos

Watch the video with a detailed overview of this feature below:

You can check a detailed step-by-step configuration guide by following the link.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you might have regarding this feature at support@splynx.com