Accounting software integration

Splynx is integrated with QuickBooks and Xero accounting software. Splynx synchronizes customer’s information, invoices and payments over accounting software.

The integration with Accounting Software includes several steps:
1. Splynx synchronizes customer’s information over accounting software. All important customers data are sent from Splynx to accounting software. If we change address of the customer in Splynx, it will be also changed in accounting software.

2. Taxes. We define accounts and taxes in Splynx. All services in Splynx correspond to account numbers in accounting software. When invoice or payment is pushed from Splynx to accounting, it is set under proper accounting number. Your accountant continues to work with information and doesn’t have to lose time with adding financial information from billing to accounting software.


3. Invoices are sent from Splynx to accounting. Invoices for services are primary generated in Splynx. If invoice is not paid for a long period of time, Splynx blocks customer and sends the blocking information to the network layer, where Radius or API locks customer and he cannot get his services until he pays the debt. Because of smart engine using Web hooks, all information between Splynx and accounting is exchanged automatically and very quickly. If you change the invoice in Splynx, the change is visible in accounting software during 5 minutes.


4. Payments. All payments are processed by Splynx. Then information about payments is sent to accounting software.


There are several methods how to process the customer’s payment in Splynx:

–  Direct debit order 
You can charge customer’s credit card using Paypal, Braintree, or IBAN numbers can be charged using SEPA XML or GoCardless platform.

– Bank statement processing
If customers pay their bills using bank transfers, Splynx can handle these files and process them.

– Cashdesk module
Cashdesk is a Splynx module for processing payments. Administrator can create users of Cashdesk and provide them access to the module. The Cashdesk can be used by accountants who doesn’t have to get access to Splynx but to only process the incoming payments. It can also be used by resellers.

– Manual payment processing
There is always an option to add Payment manually in Splynx or mark Invoice as paid.